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#1:Who we are

#2:Becoming a CA

To qualify as a Chartered Accountant (“CA”), an individual has to pass some of the toughest exams in the country. He is also required to undergo an internship for a period of 3 years in a CA firm, and at the same time study for and clear his final exams.

#3:Responsibilties of a CA 

CA Scholars addresses a growing realisation that a single-minded focus on merely passing the exams does not prepare the individuals for the job market. The employers want to hire and are willing to pay top salaries to those professionals who are not just technically sound but also have the required personality, attitude and soft skills (communication, business etiquette, general awareness, presentation skills, etc.). Regular coaching or self-study often leaves these requirements unaddressed. The outcome is that the students pass their exams eventually but get a rude shock when they apply for jobs because they get tested not just on how much they know, but their ability to apply it, their personality, attitude, general awareness and communication skills. Companies do not want to spend further time and money in training their resources on some of these basic skills and prefer hiring people who are already invested with such skills.


#4:Our Approach to get the best out of you

We bring a totally different approach to coaching by blending the soft skills development into the exam syllabus to deliver a much better experience and outcome. Our numbers of years of experience working for the Big 4 accounting firms (and by observing the practices of some of the finest organisations in the World) have equipped us with significant insights on how to succeed in the professional world, ethically and as good corporate citizens of this country.


 #5:Amongst other things, CA Scholars will provide

- Exam oriented coaching that blends the soft skills within its framework by means of group-discussions, role-plays, student led presentations, quizzes, etc. 

- Guest lectures by senior professionals in practice and industry to provide insights on the skills required to succeed in the professional world.

- Comfortable classrooms with modern furniture and teaching aids.

- Batch sizes limited to 25-35 students to ensure personalised attention.


We, at CA Scholars, consider the students and the faculty as the two most important stakeholders in our institution -

- For the students, our aim is to ensure the best results, not just in the exams but in their careers as well.

- For the faculty, we want them to be treated with utmost respect in our institution.