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Confused on which CA Coaching Institute to join?

Confused with so many choices? Worried on how to make the right decision?

The path you choose will decide where you reach

The questions to ask are -
(a) Who can tell me what skills I need to become a successful professional?
(b) Is the institute I am joining able to provide me those skills?

The industry requires a lot more from you than just passing your exams! We know because we have worked there.

Are you job enabled?

Are you ready for the demands of the job market? Whether it is getting an internship with one of India’s largest CA firms or joining an investment bank,
the seats are few and competition is intense. Our training aims at maximising your potential so that you can take the competition head-on.

Who can help open the doors to my dream job?

You have passed your CA exams. You are now a Chartered Accountant. Is this enough to land you your dream job? We are veterans who have held senior level positions in some of India’s largest firms. We can guide you on how to open these doors.

Success = multiple job offers

To what extent does your coaching institute prepare you to win in the job market? Will employers be running after you or you will be running after
them? While we teach you for success in the exams, we also focus on the skills and knowledge that improve your job prospects.

The 2 keys to success

The key of academic achievement is not enough to open the doors to success.
The job market also requires communication skills, general awareness, good personality and a positive attitude. Our classes blend soft skills development into the academic teaching to provide you both the keys to success.

We make sure your ladder has all the critical rungs!

On a solid foundation of academic excellence, we will build all the other critical ingredients for your success.

We keep our batch size small

We know that no two students are the same. To be able to give personalised attention, we limit our batch size to 25 or less. That way our teachers have more time for you.

Stand up to be counted

When jobs and seats are limited, the competition is tough. You need all-round skills to be able to stand out from the crowd.We will focus on your all-round development.

Be a winner

We tie our success with yours. When you win, we celebrate it as our success !